We believe that children thrive when their communities are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to nurture their growth. When we know more, we can do more! This is the reason we, at Integration Station, continually connect with caregivers, educators, and other professionals to provide education and guidance in a variety of areas.
Frequently Requested Trainings
  • Sensory Integration/SPD
  • Sensory vs Behavior
  • Executive Function
  • Handwriting
  • Feeding
  • Early Developmental Milestones
We present at local parent groups, school organizations, state teacher conferences, and professional healthcare luncheons.

Contact us, we are available to speak with your group too!


Sensory Space Designs for Home and Schools
We can help design a space for your child within your home to support their regulation and sensory needs. Consultations include a screening of your child’s sensory profile, equipment needs and recommendations, redesign ideas for your sensory space, and sensory equipment resources.

We are knowledgeable in designing school sensory rooms to promote student performance through regulating sensory experiences. We work with schools to identify their needs, resources already available within the school, make equipment recommendations, and design environmental layout.

IEP Consultations and Accommodations
Over the years our staff has become experienced with the process of IEPs/504s. We regularly contribute to our client’s educational plans and are available to contribute to your student’s IEPs/504s. We can provide evaluations, develop objectives, recommend classroom accommodations, and determine testing/workload modifications, as appropriate.