Children benefit from taking part in small groups that encourage participation, imagination, creativity, learning through role playing, and provides opportunities for observation of other children.

Participants in our therapeutic groups benefit beyond the usual advantages of a small group since they are led by trained therapists.


Additional Benefits Include:

  • regulating activity levels
  • implementing tools for improved focus
  • gaining strategies for emotional management
  • learning ways to cooperate and navigate conflicts
  • and, developing a sense of belonging


Social Skills

Our social skill programs are designed to promote success and confidence across routines and situations commonly encountered by children. The child learns strategies to improve participation during home, academic, and play situations while in a small group, led by a trained therapist.

Each session incorporates activities to promote socialization, emotional regulation, connection, and problem-solving in an interactive and supportive environment. Additionally, children gain understanding into how their actions can create strong connections or damage their relationships. Handouts, tips, and reproducible tools are provided to reinforce the learning objectives.

Executive Function
Executive Functioning skills allow us to plan, focus, remember, and carryout multiple tasks. The frontal lobe of the brain is the primary area responsible for these processes. It must be able to receive information, process and filter that information, prioritize tasks, and achieve goals, all while maintaining emotional and impulse control.

Children are not born with executive function skills but rather develop them overtime through the support of strong, positive relationships and learning opportunities. There are a variety of factors that influence a child’s ability to develop their skills. Chronic stress can disrupt the brain’s architecture and impair the development of executive functioning abilities.

Our executive function groups focus on the areas needed for learning, development, and independence in ADL tasks. The three main areas of emphasis include working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. As the child’s capabilities expand, they become increasingly self-sufficient and able to make thoughtful and healthy choices for themselves.

Handwriting is more than just drawing shapes, letters, or numbers onto paper. It is a complex activity that incorporates sensory, postural, fine motor, and visual skills.

Our handwriting groups incorporate sensory-rich activities that promote postural activation, fine and visual motor skill refinement, to establish the skills necessary for successful handwriting. Therapists incorporate evidence-based theories including the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum for efficient letter formation, sizing, and spacing.
Children participating in the handwriting groups are given activities for home and repetition of the activities are necessary for improved outcomes.

Integration Station offers two feeding groups, Food Fun for Tots! and Becoming A Food Scientist. Both groups follow the principles of the SOS Approach to Feeding which guides the child through food exploration and for more enjoyable mealtimes and expansion on tolerated foods.

Food Fun for Tots! is a multisensory feeding group for created for children 4-6 years of age and uses concepts of color, shape, smell, and feel to promote acceptance.

Becoming a Food Scientist is developed for children 6-10 years of age and engages children in a variety of food experiments. Children will learn about science in an edible and tasty way!

Social-Motor Groups

Each camp is designed around its theme and combines movement, science, games and crafts daily. Each activity is designed to promote social participation and motor skills.

WHO: 7 – 12 years

WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for 2-weeks. 

TIME: 9:30 – 11:30

COST: $325.00

    LEGO CAMP: June 14th-23rd (Tues, Wed, Thurs)- WAITLIST ONLY

    FUN & FITNESS CAMP: June 28th-July 7th (Tues, Wed, Thurs)- 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE

    MUSIC & DANCE CAMP: July 26th-Aug 4th (Tues, Wed, Thurs)- 1 SPOT AVAILABLE


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    Life Hacks for Teens:

    Executive Functioning Group

    Life Hacks for Teens is an 8-week series that focuses on developing independence and active participation in daily tasks that are important from teen to young adult. The series includes strategies for organization, meal preparation, self-advocacy, problem-solving, completion of applications, managing money and even making appointments.


    WHO: 13-18 years

    WHEN: Tuesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

    DATES: June 14th – August 2nd

    COST: $425.00 for 8-weeks


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    Out ‘n’ About Social Skills Group

    Each week, participants will engage in fun activities such as obstacles courses, building activities, and crafts. Through cooperative play, social opportunities will boost participation and confidence. Participants will interact in both the clinic and community settings to foster generalization of learned skills in their everyday life.

    **Some activities may occur later in the afternoon, dependent on scheduling availability (i.e. movie, etc.).


    WHO: 10-15 years

    WHEN: Fridays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 

    Choose 3-Weeks, 6-Weeks, or all 9-Weeks

    COST: $350.00/Session

    Targeted Skills:

    • Initiating conversations via shared interests or experiences
    • Planning social experiences with peers (attending events, going to a movie, suggesting games at school)
    • Maintaining friendships (what makes a good friend, what do you need to do to keep a friendship going)

      Out n About SESSION 1: June 10, 17, 24- WAITLIST ONLY

      Out n About SESSION 2: July 8, 15, 22- WAITLIST ONLY

      Out n About SESSION 3: July 29, Aug. 5, 12- WAITLIST ONLY

      **Sign-Up for all 3 Sessions (9-weeks) get 10% Off**

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      Sensational 1/2-Day Therapeutic Summer Camp 2022

       Please feel free to register your child below for the WAITLIST. If an opportunity becomes available, we will reach out to you! 

      HALF DAY SENSATIONAL SUMMER CAMP 8:30a-12:00p @ $700.00/ Session


      Includes: Therapeutic Curriculum, Backpack with Program Materials, Manipulatives, Home Programming, Snacks and Lunch
      Daily Camp Schedule:
      8:30-9:30 Sensational Social Skills Curriculum
      9:30-9:45 Sensory Break and Snack
      9:45-10:45 Handwriting and Fine Motor Program
      10:45-11:00 Sensory Break
      11:00-12:00 SOS Feeding for Picky Eaters and Food Science fun!
      Choose Your Session:

      June 20- July 1, 2022: SORRY THIS CAMP IS FULL…Waitlist Only

      July 11- July 22, 2022: SORRY THIS CAMP IS FULL…Waitlist Only

      July 25- August 5, 2022: SORRY THIS CAMP IS FULL…Waitlist Only

      August 8- August 19, 2022: SORRY THIS CAMP IS FULL…Waitlist Only


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      If interested in a Social Skills Group For Your Child, Please Call Nicole @ 704-595-9363

      WHO: 5 – 7 year olds

      This group runs in the Spring and Fall

      *Check out our Summer Programs Above For Upcoming Social Programs*
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      Targeted Skills:

          • Staying with the Group (Following Directions, Self-Management)
          • Participating in a Group (Active Listening, Showing Interest in Others, Adding to Discussion/Ideas)
          • Cooperating with Others  (Turn-taking, Sharing, Collaborating, Compromising)

        Each week the children participate in Spring-themed activities that promote social awareness and participation.

        6-Week Cooperative Play Social Group

        WHO: 4 – 6 years


        *Check out our Summer Programs for additional Social Group Opportunities*
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        Each week, participants will engage in fun activities such as obstacles courses, building activities, and crafts. Through play, social opportunities will boost participation and confidence.

        Targeted Skills:

        • Staying with the Group (Following Directions, Self-Management)
        • Participating in a Group (Active Listening, Showing Interest in Others, Adding to Discussion/Ideas)
        • Cooperating with Others  (Turn-taking, Sharing, Collaborating, Compromising)


        LevelUp Virtual Social Club for Children
        Social Distancing doesn’t mean your child has to be isolated from hanging out with friends or from making new ones! Join LevelUp, our Virtual Social Club with guided activities to boost Social Thinking and have fun hanging out with friends at the same time!
        Life Hacks for Teens- Executive Function and Life Skills
        “My teen has problems completing homework and turning it in on time.”
        “My teen still needs me to prepare and pack their lunch every day.”
        “My teen struggles to use calendars and can’t keep track of their schedule, HELP!!”
        “Organization? What Organization…”

        Sound Familiar??? Then your child should join our 8-week virtual executive function group where they will gain organizational strategies, learn to complete forms, and increase independence for today, tomorrow, and the future.

        Questions, please call