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Sensory-Motor Clinic

School-based Services

Early Intervention


Sensory-Motor Clinic

Integration Station’s clinic offers therapeutic interventions in an environment that promotes engagement, exploration, and novelty. Children have access to a variety of therapeutic and play equipment creating a safe space to challenge their motor skills, expand their sensory processing abilities, and engage in social opportunities. The treatment spaces are designed to meet a variety of children’s needs and allow for high-sensory exposure, group activities as well as small quiet areas for those children who do best in a less stimulating environment.

School-Based Services

Integration Station Pediatric Therapy Services collaborates with several local private and charter schools to provide occupational therapy services to children struggling with school tasks and accessibility to learning. Therapists are equipped to deliver skilled intervention to children in the academic setting which affords better communication between teachers, parents, and therapists for improved therapeutic outcomes.

In addition to one-on-one therapy in the schools, we provide IEP consultation, environmental modifications, staff trainings, and social and executive function enrichment groups, as well as sensory room consultations. We are available to collaborate with your child’s school as well!

Early Intervention

Early Intervention services are delivered in the natural environment to children enrolled in the local Mecklenburg County’s Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) program, ranging in age from 0-3 years. Contracting with the local CDSA gives families an opportunity to access occupational therapy services through Integration Station while also receiving service coordination and other support services, thereby creating a team with the family as the lead.

Early intervention services are often delivered in the home or daycare settings using the items already naturally present in the environment. The therapist provides real-time Coaching to families and other caregivers to promote collaboration, joint planning, and improved client outcomes.


Integration Station Pediatric Therapy Services provides occupational therapy via a secure online platform that can be accessed from anywhere. With many children going to school virtually, and parents working from home, telehealth allows families to receive skilled OT services at a place and time that is convenient for them. Families can continue with their therapy services when they are on vacation or quarantined and can’t get to our office.

When participating in telehealth, the therapist facilitates the caregiver’s therapeutic competence when working with their child. With the parent actively participating in the session, they become empowered using the resources they have already available. Children make can make great strides with the support of their parent or guardian.

Mobile Therapy Bus

Integration Station is in the process of building a mobile therapy bus that will provide the full experience of our sensory clinic on wheels! The mobile therapy bus will travel to schools and other community settings to provide therapy services to children in need. The bus will be hitting the road Summer 2021. We are extremely excited to “Caboost Your Child’s Abilities” all around the Charlotte Area!
Sensational Summer Camp


Ages 4-8
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  • Social Skills
  • Fine Motor
  • Picky Eaters/Food Science
  • Sensory